Lawn Fawn Challenge 42

Hey y’all! Over at Lawn Fawnatics, they ask us to share some winter holiday projects. I’ve been cranking out the holiday stuff since the middle of November because I need to have all my Christmas things done by the 15th of December. The hubs and I are going to NY, and I want to enjoy the trip and not be worrying about what still needs to be done!

So, I made a a few tags, using my favorite Lawn Fawn stamps…Happy Howlidays!!


Come join in on the fun!!! Thanks for stopping by today!

SSS Wednesday Challenge

Howdy! I decided to join in the fun over at SSSWednesdayChallenge blog. The theme is “All that glitters is GOLD!” I made my family new matching stockings and these tags to mark which one goes to which person. I normally don’t work with gold, at all (I’m more of a silver girl), but I think these turned out great! thumbnail

I didn’t use any Lawn Fawn products. The ornament die is from Honey Bee Stamps.  Sequins are from Pretty Pink Posh and the paper was leftover shimmer paper from my son’s wedding last year. I even made puppy ones for Sam and Cooper! 🙂  Thanks for popping by today. If you get a chance, break out some gold and join along! See ya soon, C~

Grab a cup of joe…

Time is something I can’t ever seem to get a handle on.  I have way too many pokers in the fire. I try to create daily, I just don’t post it much…life is a bit more hectic. Our daughter and grand daughter moved home. This is a good decision because of the environment they lived in before was not a positive one. We had birthdays, starting school, concerts and next week we are taking Miss G to Disneyland. (Her 1st time!)

(Both monkeys started kindergarten)1st day of Kindergarten G (33)1st day of Kindergarden 8-14-18 (4)

(Both monkeys turned 6!!!)

(My son and daughter-in-law bought their first house!!!!!)

Adam & Brittany's new house (3)

(Saw Jason Mraz (for daughter’s birthday) and Billy Idol)

(and I continue to create….)

(Many cards…and a countdown chain for G with a bunch of Disney characters, new decor for Halloween and starting on the big Christmas push!)

Well that’s a good chunk of what happened over summer…I’ll be back…I swear, to tell you all about her first visit to my favorite place on earth! Thanks for stopping by!

A little update

I am so happy the deck is finally finish. The anxiety I had about my dogs getting loose and running a muck in the hood, gave my meds a run for its money! But other than a few things….it is done, the yard is clean and my kids are gonna help me build new flower beds soon. It’s been waaay to hot…to start that up!

thumbnail We bought a new dining set and grill….oh and the rug. I still want a glider, since a swing is out of the question. We used it some on the 4th, but it was HOT! No such thing as global warming, my ass! Speaking of the 4th. my kids came over…and some family friends. I didn’t let the boys flash fry the food, so I grilled…the sprinkler was a hit and all was happy!

Good times! Friday morning….not so good. One of our most beloved childhood friends lost his fight with cancer. WAAAAY too young to be gone. My heart aches….and I try to think about his wife and children and it hurts even more. I’m not religious by any means….(might go up in flames at the service), but they are and I hope that he is where he wants to be, surrounded by his loved ones that went before. I hope he is happy, pain free and if there is a heaven…he is cookin’ them up some heavenly BBQ! (He was an amazing cook!) I love you Big Al….always have and always will….my life will be a little less bright without you.  I am lucky to have known you. We all are. 11128074_10153149770365891_7925419407314303435_n

Speaking of our group of friends, they are coming in from all parts to gather in celebrating his life. We have been a large group since high school. Rare and unusual to have remained in each others lives some 30+ years. Today they will come to my house and I am looking forward to surrounding myself in the love of my chosen family.

thumbnail (5)

This week will be so hard….I keep counting all the things I have been blessed with, a wonderful husband, amazing kids, awesome friends….and will do my best to live life like Alex would have….with love and courage!

Deep Fried

I am such a slacker, haven’t updated this in months! I’m sure everyone have left the building…so I will just chat with myself! So…I got 7 months under my belt on the non-smoking thang! Go me!! Took care of my dogs back injury for about a month…been multi tasking on the ‘art’ front. Never seeming to complete anything. Been on an organizing kick. One of my dearest, most treasured friends is very sick. So, I like spending as much time with him as possible. We are getting a new deck…planning vacations and hating every hour of summer time! Yes, I hate summer. I love gardening, watching children run through sprinklers and eating lot of salads this time of year but hate the heat, the boob sweat, the BUGS!!!!! Burning your hands, ass and back on hot car seats, melting ice cream the minute you take possession of it, and trying to sleep with 72 fans pointed at you!  My birthday is smack dab in the middle of summer too. Turning 51…the same age my Momma was when she past…not looking forward to that either.  I’m such a negative Nelly.


Here’s some happy stuff…..

We went to our nieces wedding (very beautiful…but hot as hell), our friends son’s graduation party and one of my father’s day cards I made, for a few of my favorite fellas!

My Virgo babies at Oceans of Fun, I signed up for a colored pencils class online, and the new and improved (giant) deck!

First day at swim class (17)

The guppy is getting swim lessons and is LOVIN’ every single minute of it! I am one season away  from being up to date on The Game Of Thrones. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel like I am accomplishing anything! I don’t own Season 7 yet….so while I wait…I will multi task like a mad woman!! No promises made, but I’ll try to do better, be more creative…less negative. Until next time….hugs! C~

After holiday purge fest

Hi there! Are you all settled after the holidays? I always rip the tree down asap after…I have a thing about a tree with no presents under it. Plus, it is now a habit. After years of getting it down so I can prepare for my son’s birthday, (which was yesterday). Not a lot of time to plan a birthday party.  I also do major purging for some reason….I guess finding room for all the new things means old things gotta go.

After Christmas, I got a few new storage pieces from Ikea for my studio. Here are the before photos. I had those cubes from Michael’s for-ever…time to change things up and in doing so I got rid of 2 big boxes of unwanted scrap/art stuff.

20180104_091453I have a friend who passed it along to an art teacher! I’m still a work in progress but the bulk of it is organized. Here’s my after photo: 4 after studio

The blue post its got replace with actual labels, and I cleared off my desk enough to create a few cards.

Hoping to get some scrap books underway soon…we got the wedding photos back so time to get busy on that! Thanks for stopping by today.  See ya soon.

My favorite cards

Hello there! I wanted to make a post about some of my favorite cards that I made of 2017. It was a very busy year preparing for the wedding, so there was scrappin’ & craftin’ going on every where! Here’s my favorite:

january 2017I fell in love with Yana’s card (here).  So, I made a similar version. Gracee’s valentine!

I created the 2016 for a scrap book I made for our Disney vacation.  I love the Villains!

august 2 2017Dwen and I celebrated our 50th birthday and my Marvel lovin’ boy got this pop up card!

Lots of ballerina’s for Grace’s 5th birthday invites, Mario (on a wobbler) to celebrate Jagger’s 5th birthday and of course, Halloween!

september 2 2017

This is the card I made for Brittany and Adam for their bridal shower. She loves personal touches…and the lower card is my first try at chibitronics. I made this card for Adam to give to Brittany on their wedding day. I was very please with how it turned out.

october 2017

There you have it, my 10 faves. Let me know which one you like best! Thanks for stopping by! Have a good week! C~