WC IT Day 3

Today, we worked on Negative Painting, Lifting and Building a scene. I dislike my flower but at least I tried….it’s not the flower, its my leaves….that drive me! I enjoy the negative painting! I want to do this technique more. So, here ya go, my attempts, I didn’t have time to make them into cards…so they are just panels.

Negative painting: my paper is bowed a bit, and oranges pitched me a fit, but other than that I like this once the best!

WCIT day 3 2

Lifting: Just can’t seem to get those leaves right….

WCIT day 3 1

Building a scene: I used stamps to build my scene. I liked how it turned out.

WCIT day 3 3

If you haven’t checked out the Online Card Classes, you really should….even if you aren’t a card maker…the watercolor classes and the copic classes are worth their weight in gold!

Enjoy the rest of the week, I’ll be back tomorrow, to share more! =)


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