Day 2 Clear & Sheer part 2 & 3

**To keep this post from being amazingly long, I will break this into sections.

Round 2 is about muting a patterned paper with vellum. I used a lot of vellum on this project. I love all and any super hero stuff.

clear and sheer class (15)sm

Round 3 took a bit of time, and like six tries….sigh. The technique is dry embossing vellum. I didn’t have the supplies needed. (I only had thin vellum, this requires a thicker one.) So, I used two pieces, embossed it with the printout under both pieces. I omitted the pencil.

clear and sheer class (23)sm

clear and sheer class (24)sm

Coloring the back side with copics.  Copics don’t blend on vellum very well. Still a cool technique and I wanna try it again with the thicker vellum! Thanks for stopping by today…stay tuned!


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