This is my last card for the day…I want to thanks everyone that helped bring Stam-a-faire to the masses, I am sure it is not small undertaking! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day!

Watercolor Like The Masters with Kay Miller is the next challenge!

I am a big fan of Kay Miller, she makes the most beautiful cards!! Check out her blog!

20160724_082643_001 Not the best photo but it was 1 am, and I was spent! I do love the look of watercolor!!

Before I leave I wanna link to the last challenge even though I didn’t participate because all these lovely ladies deserve to recognition for their hard work!

Color Blocking with Lexi Daly…check it out, it is in the style or Andy Warhol! Thanks for coming by, you are all appreciated! Have a good one…see ya soon!


4 thoughts on “Stamp-a-faire-Watercolor

  1. Kay Miller says:

    Oh thank you for your kind comment! Your card turned out just beautifully! One of my favorites so far!! So glad you could play along with the challenges!!


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