Pet portraits

Hi there! My friend Heather, that I have know FOR-EVER, is a wonderful artist/painter. She does these amazing animals on canvas and I truly love watching them unfold as she creates them. She has encouraged me to try my hand at acrylic paint. I made a few starter ones, a flower and a couple of birds on a tree branch….but had an idea to paint my pets portraits. Now, I ain’t gonna lie…didn’t think I could do it….so I procrastinated about it a loooong time! I am not a procrastinator…at all. If anything, I’m the ‘work more today so I have less to do tomorrow’ type. I cheated a bit and bought a small projector. Just to keep the proportions right, and loosely sketched them onto canvas….now I have had 4 dachshunds in my adult life….and we have lost 2. So, I really wanted to capture the very essence of my sweet fur babies. Yet another reason to put it off….that is a tall order for  a newbie to fill….however…I started, and I LOVE it!  Frank portrait (1)(This is my original baby, Franky…the love of my life! We lost him 10 years ago.)Frank portrait (6)

Frank portrait (9)

It wasn’t until I finished his eyes that I finally saw him. I thought I was the only one that could see him…I mean, I was staring at his photo the entire time. But when I sent the photo to my kids, they could see him too. I haven’t decided on a background yet, since I am doing a series of them I want them all to match. We do this weird thing with the collars too. Franky (has 5 letters in his name) so he has the green collar, (green also having 5 letters). Tate had blue. Cooper has purple and Sam has red. It helps people remember which dog is which. Here is Tate’s portrait.Tate portrait (1)

We lost Tater last November…very suddenly. He was the kindest, most gentle dog. Pure sweetness. He was a bit more challenging to paint.Tate portrait (3)

I need to add whiskers, he had a lot…Tate portrait (6)

I also need to tone down the white patch…it draws your eye straight to it. Thanks for letting me show you what I’ve been working on. They really have turned out beautifully!


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