Studio tour

Hello there! A recent conversation I had about my Disney themed studio put me in the mind frame of showing it to you. I cleaned it up (and nothing like taking pictures of your space makes you want it as tidy as possible…good cleaning motivation!) I also have a lot packed into a small space. My old studio was bigger!

scrap room tour (6)(Main desk)scrap room tour (8)(ink shelf)scrap room tour (5)(cart #1-holds copics, acrylic stamp blocks/cleaners and adhesives and labeling supplies)scrap room tour (7)(under my desk to the right; is where I store my scraps)scrap room tour (1)(still moving to the right…stamp storage/reinker/mists and general office supplies. All the drawers in the corner has mostly punches in them. Except the top 3.)scrap room tour (3)(close up of the stamps)

scrap room tour (2)(card stock, wood mounted stamps and large ‘machines’ are stored here)scrap room tour (11)(My regular desk)scrap room tour (12)(My foldio lightbox on top of a couple file boxes with stickers and specialized papers-travel; Disney etc.)scrap room tour (15)(The wall unit for everything else, cameras; embellishments; ribbon; Cricut cartridges, holiday boxes…all my holiday stuff is tucked away from all my regular stuff. Also some of my non-Disney toys!)scrap room tour (14)(cart# 2-has paints/paint brushes and pencils and tablets)scrap room tour (10)(and back around to the crafting table. I love Ikeas cabinet things! Will get another big one once we move in the spring!)

A bit lengthy, but there you have it! Thanks for coming by today. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Studio tour

  1. Mardell Lamb says:

    For the first time I am SPEECHLESS!! Dang girl, that is an awesome studio. I am major jelly belly here! Wow, wow, wow! You are extremely organized. And your copic pens! So many!


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