Busy time

Hello there! How’s things? We are in our ‘busy season’. From the end of July through the middle of September we are always swamped with birthdays. Both Grace and Jagger are turning 4, within 2 weeks of each other. Both of their mother birthdays are also planted in that time, along with my best friend. End of July is mine and Dwen’s (2 days apart) and the entire month of August is usually spent prepping for the babes birthday. This year is no different. I’ve been busy with a Wizard of Oz party and a Super Hero party prep. Invites and goody bags!

superhero tags sm

Goody bags for Jagger’s party are gender specific….so the tag will indicate that. The Wizard of Oz party is a bit more of a challenge, living in Kansas…is of no help, as one might think.

oz tags

I’ve also started a series of painting of my dogs, past and present. My last two are done finally.

cooper sm

This is Cooper…

Sam smThis is Sammy.

All 4 completed!All 4 sm

All four, finished! I am very pleased with them! My next project …Halloween costumes…a certain little girl wants to be Dorothy! It’s been a while since I dusted off the ole’ sewing skillz! Fingers crossed, it turns out ok. Thanks for stopping by today!




One thought on “Busy time

  1. Mardell says:

    You should be VERY proud of those portraits, Carol. Wow! I bet your family loves them too. Just a beautiful tribute to your beloved fur babies. What’s next? Your talent is endless.


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