Wild Card Class Day 2 project #2

Kristina did a wonderful job of explaining how to make a ‘magic slider card’. You’re intrigued….I know, I was too! Then I watched the video like 7 times, and ventured out to made my very own ‘magic slider’!!! (Sorry it is late, while I type this, and I’m a bit slap happy!)


Because I know it is coming…full force…I am trying to be a bit pro active! (Love this WPlus9 set!

card-class-22-smMy paper warped a tiny…especially on the left side. But I still love how it turned out! I envy bloggers who smoothly transition to the end…I guess I’m just one of those who say bye, and wave for 15 minutes! I’m waving….have a great day!  Thanks for coming by…


3 thoughts on “Wild Card Class Day 2 project #2

  1. 3kidmama says:

    Your card came out beautifully! I was trying to think of a way to use Kristina’s card idea in a Holiday card – you knocked this out of the park! Love it!


  2. Betty says:

    Love these lights, too! I have made magic sliders before but without any direction, so I think it will be better having the class video to follow along. I am a day behind in watching videos.


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