Missing: artist & paper crafter….

Wow, I am a dead beat! I don’t call or write….just living life. Unfortunately my life isn’t super exciting. There are a few changes happening and I am hoping more time to spend on myself. Recently D and I took off to celebrate our 50th birthdays. (Since they are only two days apart.)

I really wanted to make him a special card…and I thought I would use the Tiny Superheros sets and create him a pop up. (He loves all things Marvel.) As I was about to complete the final stages, my brain went off the rails and I re-vamped it.  Here’s what I did: On the left is the super hero stamps…and on the right is what I re worked into THE super heroes!!

D's card (1)editD's card (2)editD's card (3)editD's card (4)editD's card (5)edit

I personally loved how they all turned out! Next was to set the scene!

D's card (6)editD's card (8)edit

He loved it! It took me for-ever to make but he was worth it! Be back soon….I hope!


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