The minis’ birthdays!

August and September are very busy months around these parts. G’s birthday is first, followed by her Momma’s…then Jagger’s, followed by his Momma’s. All in a span of 19 days! Phewf!  Both of my mini’s are turning 5!!! I was a busy Gram!

G loves all things ballerina, so naturally, her birthday was all about being a tiny dancer!Grace's 5th bday invites (3)

There was about 25 or so of these little ladies made and added to invites.

gracees 5th bday card (2)

The tutu wearing hippo wiggles and giggles! 🙂

Mr. Jag loves vintage video games like Mario and Crash Bandicoot. So, I made him this card.Jagger's 5th bday cards (2)

Mario is also on a ‘wobbler’, so it looks like he is jumping! They were fun to make and the kids loved them! Birthdays (all of them) were celebrated to a grand scale and everyone is happy! Thanks for stopping by!


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