After holiday purge fest

Hi there! Are you all settled after the holidays? I always rip the tree down asap after…I have a thing about a tree with no presents under it. Plus, it is now a habit. After years of getting it down so I can prepare for my son’s birthday, (which was yesterday). Not a lot of time to plan a birthday party.  I also do major purging for some reason….I guess finding room for all the new things means old things gotta go.

After Christmas, I got a few new storage pieces from Ikea for my studio. Here are the before photos. I had those cubes from Michael’s for-ever…time to change things up and in doing so I got rid of 2 big boxes of unwanted scrap/art stuff.

20180104_091453I have a friend who passed it along to an art teacher! I’m still a work in progress but the bulk of it is organized. Here’s my after photo: 4 after studio

The blue post its got replace with actual labels, and I cleared off my desk enough to create a few cards.

Hoping to get some scrap books underway soon…we got the wedding photos back so time to get busy on that! Thanks for stopping by today.  See ya soon.


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