Deep Fried

I am such a slacker, haven’t updated this in months! I’m sure everyone have left the building…so I will just chat with myself! So…I got 7 months under my belt on the non-smoking thang! Go me!! Took care of my dogs back injury for about a month…been multi tasking on the ‘art’ front. Never seeming to complete anything. Been on an organizing kick. One of my dearest, most treasured friends is very sick. So, I like spending as much time with him as possible. We are getting a new deck…planning vacations and hating every hour of summer time! Yes, I hate summer. I love gardening, watching children run through sprinklers and eating lot of salads this time of year but hate the heat, the boob sweat, the BUGS!!!!! Burning your hands, ass and back on hot car seats, melting ice cream the minute you take possession of it, and trying to sleep with 72 fans pointed at you!  My birthday is smack dab in the middle of summer too. Turning 51…the same age my Momma was when she past…not looking forward to that either.  I’m such a negative Nelly.


Here’s some happy stuff…..

We went to our nieces wedding (very beautiful…but hot as hell), our friends son’s graduation party and one of my father’s day cards I made, for a few of my favorite fellas!

My Virgo babies at Oceans of Fun, I signed up for a colored pencils class online, and the new and improved (giant) deck!

First day at swim class (17)

The guppy is getting swim lessons and is LOVIN’ every single minute of it! I am one season away  from being up to date on The Game Of Thrones. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel like I am accomplishing anything! I don’t own Season 7 yet….so while I wait…I will multi task like a mad woman!! No promises made, but I’ll try to do better, be more creative…less negative. Until next time….hugs! C~


3 thoughts on “Deep Fried

  1. Mardell says:

    Hi Carol!
    It’s great to hear from you! Congratulations on the 7 months of no ciggies. I’ve never smoked, but understand that is really hard to quit. I’ve been dieting like crazy, so I know how you feel. Do you feel better though? I do. I still crave so many good things like pizza, cake, burgers, cookies…etc. Chocolate. Sigh. I find myself keeping busy trying not to think about snacking. I dislike summer too and my birthday and my two oldest kids birthdays are next month. Your deck looks great and so do you & hubby. What’s your new address? No more Chickberry (so it seems) and I’m not of FB. Miss everyone!


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