A little update

I am so happy the deck is finally finish. The anxiety I had about my dogs getting loose and running a muck in the hood, gave my meds a run for its money! But other than a few things….it is done, the yard is clean and my kids are gonna help me build new flower beds soon. It’s been waaay to hot…to start that up!

thumbnail We bought a new dining set and grill….oh and the rug. I still want a glider, since a swing is out of the question. We used it some on the 4th, but it was HOT! No such thing as global warming, my ass! Speaking of the 4th. my kids came over…and some family friends. I didn’t let the boys flash fry the food, so I grilled…the sprinkler was a hit and all was happy!

Good times! Friday morning….not so good. One of our most beloved childhood friends lost his fight with cancer. WAAAAY too young to be gone. My heart aches….and I try to think about his wife and children and it hurts even more. I’m not religious by any means….(might go up in flames at the service), but they are and I hope that he is where he wants to be, surrounded by his loved ones that went before. I hope he is happy, pain free and if there is a heaven…he is cookin’ them up some heavenly BBQ! (He was an amazing cook!) I love you Big Al….always have and always will….my life will be a little less bright without you.  I am lucky to have known you. We all are. 11128074_10153149770365891_7925419407314303435_n

Speaking of our group of friends, they are coming in from all parts to gather in celebrating his life. We have been a large group since high school. Rare and unusual to have remained in each others lives some 30+ years. Today they will come to my house and I am looking forward to surrounding myself in the love of my chosen family.

thumbnail (5)

This week will be so hard….I keep counting all the things I have been blessed with, a wonderful husband, amazing kids, awesome friends….and will do my best to live life like Alex would have….with love and courage!


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