Grab a cup of joe…

Time is something I can’t ever seem to get a handle on.  I have way too many pokers in the fire. I try to create daily, I just don’t post it much…life is a bit more hectic. Our daughter and grand daughter moved home. This is a good decision because of the environment they lived in before was not a positive one. We had birthdays, starting school, concerts and next week we are taking Miss G to Disneyland. (Her 1st time!)

(Both monkeys started kindergarten)1st day of Kindergarten G (33)1st day of Kindergarden 8-14-18 (4)

(Both monkeys turned 6!!!)

(My son and daughter-in-law bought their first house!!!!!)

Adam & Brittany's new house (3)

(Saw Jason Mraz (for daughter’s birthday) and Billy Idol)

(and I continue to create….)

(Many cards…and a countdown chain for G with a bunch of Disney characters, new decor for Halloween and starting on the big Christmas push!)

Well that’s a good chunk of what happened over summer…I’ll be back…I swear, to tell you all about her first visit to my favorite place on earth! Thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “Grab a cup of joe…

  1. Mardell says:

    Hi Carol!
    What a great post!! It’ll be nice to have your DD and GD back home ~ they’ll keep you out of trouble! LOL

    Your cards are gorgeous (as always!) Do you use Copic markers? Your shading is impeccable. LOVE LOVE!! I enjoy coloring so much. That goat card is a hoot!

    Nice house that your son and wife bought. A big step in life!

    Those Christmas tags are adorable! Do you have a Cuttlebug or some kind of cutting machine? I’m always looking for dies for my Cuttlebug. It’s so fun making things.

    Happy “Fluffernutter” Day! Did you know? Haha. My bro loved Fluff & peanut butter sandwiches. My mom used to make killer fudge w/it. The recipe on the container is the same she used 50 yrs. ago.

    Take care & have a great week!


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