After holiday purge fest

Hi there! Are you all settled after the holidays? I always rip the tree down asap after…I have a thing about a tree with no presents under it. Plus, it is now a habit. After years of getting it down so I can prepare for my son’s birthday, (which was yesterday). Not a lot of time to plan a birthday party.  I also do major purging for some reason….I guess finding room for all the new things means old things gotta go.

After Christmas, I got a few new storage pieces from Ikea for my studio. Here are the before photos. I had those cubes from Michael’s for-ever…time to change things up and in doing so I got rid of 2 big boxes of unwanted scrap/art stuff.

20180104_091453I have a friend who passed it along to an art teacher! I’m still a work in progress but the bulk of it is organized. Here’s my after photo: 4 after studio

The blue post its got replace with actual labels, and I cleared off my desk enough to create a few cards.

Hoping to get some scrap books underway soon…we got the wedding photos back so time to get busy on that! Thanks for stopping by today.  See ya soon.


My favorite cards

Hello there! I wanted to make a post about some of my favorite cards that I made of 2017. It was a very busy year preparing for the wedding, so there was scrappin’ & craftin’ going on every where! Here’s my favorite:

january 2017I fell in love with Yana’s card (here).  So, I made a similar version. Gracee’s valentine!

I created the 2016 for a scrap book I made for our Disney vacation.  I love the Villains!

august 2 2017Dwen and I celebrated our 50th birthday and my Marvel lovin’ boy got this pop up card!

Lots of ballerina’s for Grace’s 5th birthday invites, Mario (on a wobbler) to celebrate Jagger’s 5th birthday and of course, Halloween!

september 2 2017

This is the card I made for Brittany and Adam for their bridal shower. She loves personal touches…and the lower card is my first try at chibitronics. I made this card for Adam to give to Brittany on their wedding day. I was very please with how it turned out.

october 2017

There you have it, my 10 faves. Let me know which one you like best! Thanks for stopping by! Have a good week! C~

New Years’ Eve

Do you make resolutions? Do you select a word for the year? I use to do the one word thing. The beginning of the year I would remember it, but by spring it would fade away.  I am slowly realizing there are some things I use to do with high energy and stamina; like taking on ‘yard work day’ or ‘cleaning out the basement’, that takes me much longer than it use too. Putting the tree up and decorating the house used to be done in half a day but now, 2 days! So, my hubs and I have talked about things we would like to change in our lives to be healthier and more efficient with our time. Small things really, waking up at the same time everyday, drink more water, try some Tai Chi, blog more, and pick up my camera a lot more.  2018 may be bumpy, Grace and Jagger will both start school in August. This will be hard on Gram. I will turn 51, which is the age my Mother was when she past. I think this will effect me more than anything else. My family will be happy and will grow as it is suppose to do. I just want to be able to keep up with it! Here’s to a fabulous New Year to you and yours.

Wedding prep

My boy, Adam is getting married in November. Wedding plans have been swirling for months! Let me just show y’all what we’ve been up too. Brittany and Adam-4Brittany and Adam-10Engagement photos at Children’s Mercy Park where Sporting KC plays. Both of the kids love SKC!wedding dress shopping (17)Brittany and crew….saying Yes to the dress!invitations (2)Preparing the invitations…assembly line style!wedding prep (2)Making table numbers…wedding prep (6)

wedding sign 1 (1)and reserved signage….wedding sign 1 (4)WEDDING BOXand card boxes…wedding stuff (1)and wedding favors…..bridal shower invites (11)and bridal shower invites….We’re on the down hill slope now…only about 7 weeks out! They are going have a wonderful day! Glad I could help them with all the little details! Stay tuned!

The minis’ birthdays!

August and September are very busy months around these parts. G’s birthday is first, followed by her Momma’s…then Jagger’s, followed by his Momma’s. All in a span of 19 days! Phewf!  Both of my mini’s are turning 5!!! I was a busy Gram!

G loves all things ballerina, so naturally, her birthday was all about being a tiny dancer!Grace's 5th bday invites (3)

There was about 25 or so of these little ladies made and added to invites.

gracees 5th bday card (2)

The tutu wearing hippo wiggles and giggles! 🙂

Mr. Jag loves vintage video games like Mario and Crash Bandicoot. So, I made him this card.Jagger's 5th bday cards (2)

Mario is also on a ‘wobbler’, so it looks like he is jumping! They were fun to make and the kids loved them! Birthdays (all of them) were celebrated to a grand scale and everyone is happy! Thanks for stopping by!

Missing: artist & paper crafter….

Wow, I am a dead beat! I don’t call or write….just living life. Unfortunately my life isn’t super exciting. There are a few changes happening and I am hoping more time to spend on myself. Recently D and I took off to celebrate our 50th birthdays. (Since they are only two days apart.)

I really wanted to make him a special card…and I thought I would use the Tiny Superheros sets and create him a pop up. (He loves all things Marvel.) As I was about to complete the final stages, my brain went off the rails and I re-vamped it.  Here’s what I did: On the left is the super hero stamps…and on the right is what I re worked into THE super heroes!!

D's card (1)editD's card (2)editD's card (3)editD's card (4)editD's card (5)edit

I personally loved how they all turned out! Next was to set the scene!

D's card (6)editD's card (8)edit

He loved it! It took me for-ever to make but he was worth it! Be back soon….I hope!


Wow! Three months slipped by so quickly. We had a lovely Christmas. January brought birthday festivities, both Adam & Brittany’s. They also moved. February was all about packing because we moved. Our Sara moved in March! So tired of seeing cardboard boxes! We are finally down to the wire of putting the last bits in place. Now yard work begins! Happy to see flowers slowly popping up.

I absolutely love my new studio….more space, more light! I streamlined it and only kept things I know I will use and donated the rest! Downsized my desk from a giant ‘L’ shaped one, to a much smaller one but I only work in a 12 x 12 patch anyway! LOL

Even though it took everything we had, and we’ve gone to bed aching, from all the hard work, for weeks….moving was the best thing….we reallllly love the new digs! Enough about all that. We went to our great-nephew’s 2nd birthday party last Saturday….so fun to watch how excited he got over the simplest of toys. The theme of his party was construction site. Here is the card I made for him.



I cut the trucks with the silhouette, and the mounts of dirt with Lawn Fawn hillside dies. I thought it turned out super cute. Hopefully now that the dust has settled around here, I can share more on this ole blog. Have a great week!