This is my last card for the day…I want to thanks everyone that helped bring Stam-a-faire to the masses, I am sure it is not small undertaking! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day!

Watercolor Like The Masters with Kay Miller is the next challenge!

I am a big fan of Kay Miller, she makes the most beautiful cards!! Check out her blog!

20160724_082643_001 Not the best photo but it was 1 am, and I was spent! I do love the look of watercolor!!

Before I leave I wanna link to the last challenge even though I didn’t participate because all these lovely ladies deserve to recognition for their hard work!

Color Blocking with Lexi Daly…check it out, it is in the style or Andy Warhol! Thanks for coming by, you are all appreciated! Have a good one…see ya soon!




We had some company this evening so I skipped Mastering Drips & Splatters with Lizzie Jones, and continued with Pointillism with Heather Nicols after my guests left.

Her inspiration is:


                        (George Seurat-A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte)

Here is my card, and I am ashamed to say I don’t have any large floral stamp images of PTI. All the other supplies are Papertrey’s except the enamel dots.


This was a fun challenge, I like the vibrate colors of Heather’s pansy over this pale peony. I We are drawing close to the end of our fun filled day…. 😦


SAF-Masterpiece Inspirations


This one was an unexpected challenge but turned into one of my favorites!

You must go to Nichole’s blog and watch the video ‘Make Good Art’, it is outstanding! I even shared it on my Facebook page! Very powerful!! The challenge (in her words):

‘Each of the team members has selected a particular artist that speaks to them creatively and used them as inspiration for their own work of art. Take a look at their selections below and how they adapted the style, colors, composition and more, into an amazing card.’

Of course, I picked Claude Monet….Claude_Monet_-_Cliff_Walk_at_Pourville_-_Google_Art_Project

                                             (Claude Monet-The Cliff Walk at Pourville)

                           Painted 1882 currently resides at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Several of my family members have moved out of state and it has been a difficult adjustment for all of us so when I saw this painting…I instantly thought about the family and how much I missed them.


While his was done with oils, I had watercolors in front of me…so that’s what I used. I did use acrylic paint for all the white areas.

SAF-Floral Impressionism

The next round on Stamp-a-faire’s schedule is Floral Impressionism with Melissa Phillips.


Her inspiration:


                              (Claude Monet-Christmas Roses)

Monet is probably my favorite or the artist we are exploring today.

We go to Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, at least once a year. I try to go more but the fam doesn’t love the arts like me and viewing Water Lilies in person…brings a peacefulness to my soul!

Nelson & Union (70)

I didn’t have the same flower stamps as Melissa, so I improvised.


I love her style, but found that it is not my style…I’m not good at it. This card turned out waaaay better than expected!


Thanks for stopping by! I am digging this day!!!!

SAF-Gilded in Gold


We continue along with Stamp a faire, with Danielle Flanders.

She drew her inspiration from Gustav Klimt, the most famous artist of the 20th century to have used gold leaf as a primary aspect of his expression.


                                                                    (Gustav Klimt-The Kiss)

I gotta admit, I have never used Liquid Leaf before, this was one of the challenges I was looking forward too! This stuff is awesome!! I am completely out of my comfort zone when it comes to this style of card. My new (soon to be) daughter in law loves this style and recently got a new job promotion so what better way to play along with a challenge when you have someone in mind!


She loved it by the way and while it was a bit time consuming, it turned out way better than anticipated! I will also admit, I had gold flicks everywhere…even on my arm…that I found much later in the day! LOL

Stamp a faire-Starry Night


Stamp a faire’s theme this year is the Masters, masters of art…all the greats. They are the inspiration for each challenge. Each designer picked a Master and interpret their work into a card. Should be fun! Did I mention how excited I am for this?

The first challenge was Starry Night with Amy Sheffer.


                                            (Vincent van Gogh)

My card….started out as a starry night….tuned into a galaxy…so I rolled with it!


I’ll be back with more….stay tuned!

SAF-Master Color Recipes


*Sorry about the format of the next few posts…I can’t figure out what I messed up!

Good morning! To start those creative juices,  The Stamp-a-faire team created 9 beautiful color combinations, inspired by some of the great pieces of art. I choose…6a00d8341c64e753ef01b8d2086c68970c-450wi

                                      (Claude Monet-Poppies)



A fairly simple start but ready to spend the whole day doing what I love!